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Dr. Golamreza Esfahanizadeh

Dr. Esfahanizadeh is a specialist prosthodontist and cosmetic dentistry in downtown Tehran. In addition, Dr. Esfahanizadeh has done a fellowship in dental implants and he is currently an academic member of Dental School of Azad University as an associate professor.

Dr. Esfahanizadeh has contributed to many research project in the field of dentistry and he has published a number of articles in high impact journals.

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A brief description of Dr. Esfahanizadeh.

  • Graduated in Dentistry from Islamic Azad University of Tehran, 1999
  • Received an MSc award in Prosthodontics speciality in 2004 in Dental School of Shahid Beheshti University in 2004,
  • Fellowship in Prostho Implant speciality in 2014 from Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran.
  • Currently holds the position of Associate Professor of Prosthodontics in Dental School of Islamic Azad University of Tehran,
  • Published several international articles in prestigious domestic and foreign journals,
  • Honorary Speaker at Internal and International Dental Congresses,
  • Author of the book “Application of finite element method in implant and dentistry”

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