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Dr. Mehrdad Mortaz has extensive experience in the field of Prosthodontics. He has graduated from the Tufts University in the US where he has completed a specialist training programme in the field of  Prosthodontics. Dr Mehrdad Mortaz is one of the few who has brought his valuable experience from practising in the US to Iran.  To do so, Dr Mehrdad Mortaz has introduced the Amercian dentistry system at his clinic located in downtown Tehran. His clinic is a well-known multidisciplinary dental clinic which is very famous amongst Iranians as well as other foreign visitors such as embassy staffs or medical tourists.

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Dr. Hamidreza Boosnati is one of the well-known periodontists in Tehran. If you are in Tehran and looking for a dental implant clinic, Dr. Boostani’s Dental Implant Clinic is the place to check. Dr. Boostani is active member of dental society where he usually presents with the latest developments and techniques in the field of dental implants.

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