Specialist Dermatology, Hair Transplant and Laser Therapy Clinic in Ahvaz, Iran

Dr. Mehran Mostaghimi

Dr. Mehran Mostaghimi has a specialized dermatology board (hair and beauty). Additionally, he is a member of the Dermatology Association of Iran and Europe. Dr Mostaghimi is an active member of academia for more than 15 years in which he has conducted various research studies in Ahvaz University.

Dr. Mostaghimi can speak Arabic and English fluently which have enabled him to communicate and treat the patients visiting him from neighbouring Arab countries. At his clinic which located in downtown Ahvaz, Dr. Mostaghimi provides the following treatments:

  • Hair Transplant,
  • Botox Injection,
  • Gel and Lipids Injection,
  • Various form of Laser Therapies,
  • Various forms of facial and Skin rejuvenation Therapies,
  • Treatments for different diseases related to skin and hair.

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