Dental Implants in Iran

Dental implants in Iran is a very common treatment performed by highly skilled specialists. There are many health tourists visiting the country to undertake dental implant procedure in Iran.

What are the dental implants?

Having healthy teeth is essential for normal and natural lifestyle, defective or loss of teeth could result in a lack of confidence because of beauty, or more importantly, having problems with eating and smiling. A fix for this could be the removal of defective teeth and replace it with dental implants. A dental implant is a substitute tooth root made of titanium. This could significantly help you to eat normally and improve your confidence result by having natural looking teeth replacement as dental implants.

Dental implants are the closet form of replacement for natural tooth used in dentistry. This technique follows the same principles and material used in joint replacement and fixtures. Dental implants are a more permanent solution which is fixed securely into the bone of the jaw, and it could replace single or multiple teeth. Dental implants are beneficial due to the followings:

Dental Implants in Iran

Cost of Dental Implants in Iran

Cost of performing dental implants in Iran is very competitive compared to the UK (£2000/$2600 per single teeth), or even to neighbouring countries such as Iraq, UAE, Kuwait and Turkey which varies from $3000-$4000 per teeth.
The cost of dental treatment in Iran can be as low as £342/€382/$450. This price becomes even more attractive when you are looking to have 8 dental implants which could cost a fortune, £16,000/€17,900/$21,000 when you can have this treatment done in Iran for about £2,700/€3,000/$3,600. This is a third of the price and you can spend the rest of it for your holidays, or other necessary things.

Are Dental Implants expensive?

The cost of dental implants treatment varies based on location and the material. For example, you can spend about £2,000 for this treatment in the UK and this cost would be in the region of £400 in Iran. This treatment could be perceived as a luxury treatment, however, the amount you are investing in is worthwhile considering the level of improvement in lifestyle, confidence and general health.

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What are the required documents for dental implants?

To start with the consultation, the periodontist consultant would require to know about the patient’s general health conditions such as a history of diabetes or osteoporosis. In addition, prior to your consultation, patients are advised to obtain a copy of their OPG, CBCT documents from the current dentist and his recommendations.

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How many dental implants are placed by Medobay Partners?

The dental clinics selected by Medobay in Iran have on average placed 1200-1500 dental implants annually. We are only selecting those clinics who have track records of successful treatments.

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How much is the dental imaplant?

it will cost in the region of £200

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How many teeth can I implant?

What would you do with the gap left as the result of teeth extraction?

Often patients ask whether they can have instant implants. This means that immediately after extracting a tooth placing an implant in the same place. Yes, it is possible to have instant implants and it’s a decision of specialist to assess it. However, sometimes it’s necessary to leave the gap for healing purposes. There are reasons for delaying as it helps the area to heal and make sure infections are well treated before placing an implant, so the success rate will be higher.

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Will dental implants affect MRI?

Although dental implants are made from a special titanium alloy which could impact the MRI Scans, the result of several studies has confirmed that precious alloys amalgams and titanium can cause minimal artefacts on MRI graphics. It is very rare that patients with Dental Implants have experienced a failure while undergoing a MIR Scan or MRI scans been distorted because of having dental implants.

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Would I be a good candidate for Dental Implants if I have lost my teeth for a long time?

In most cases, you can have dental implants placed unless the bone conditions are in a situation that the specialist considers contrarily. This is very rare and in most cases, our experienced dental implant specialists can propose a treatment plan for you. Nevertheless, it’s advised to use our free online consultation session before travelling.

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Do I need to replace all my teeth with dental implants?

Yes, you can but our highly experienced specialist need to assess you. We can offer a variety of options and treatment plans specifically tailored to your needs. This could be implanting for teeth and using the bridging technique, the choice is dependent on the conditions of your teeth and jawbone.

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Would I need bone grafting for Dental Implants?

In some cases that jawbone has been deteriorated which make it less suitable for hosting dental implants, bone grafting technique might be used. Bone grafts are usually chosen case by case for each patient. The material varies and could be a synthetic or special material made in the laboratory.

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