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Travel To Iran Questions

How should I obtain Visa for Iran?

Can I bring my family member or relatives for my treatment to Iran?

Yes, of course. Some people might want to bring their family members or relatives to accompany them during the treatment. We understand having your family would make it less stressful, so please let us know and we will happily help you.

I am fairly new to Iran, should I be worried?

Iran is considered one of the safest countries in the Middle East. Additionally, people are very hospitable and helpful. You are going to be escorted and assisted by one of our team members, so there is no point to be worried about.

What type of Insurance should I obtain before travelling to Iran?

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After my treatment, I’d like to stay and explore the country. Do you have any service for that purpose?

Depending on the city you are planning for your health treatment, there are plenty of tourist attractions and fun things to do. Please refer to our destination page to find out more.

Which cities are you covered for health treatments in Iran?

We are covering Ahvaz, Tabriz and Tehran as the main destination and we are planning to expand to other cities including Mashhad, Shiraz and Isfahan. We believe in experience and hence we’d like to enhance this experience by providing a wider choice for health travellers. Of course, because we are providing health packages, we assess other cities and touristic features and will add them.

I am coming from an Arab country, which cities would you suggest?

Iran is a big country and believe me, you want to explore all of the cities! However, for health treatments, we have found out that patients usually prefer to travel to Ahvaz, Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran. If you are interested to visit holy shrines and religious places Mashhad and Qom are fantastic cities for that purpose.

What are the languages spoken in Iran?

The official language in Iran is Farsi. People in southern cities including Bushehr and Ahvaz, also speak Arabic. On the western part of the country, Kurdish dialect is widely used and similarly, on North West part of the country including Tabriz, people speak Azari as well. However, as the second language, English is widely understood and spoken.

How can I get around while I am in Iran?

Our service includes transportation for your health-related destinations, should you like to go to other touristic places we can also arrange it for you. Depending on your nationality, you might require to be escorted in Iran, hence we are working with government approved agents to provide this service for you. Otherwise, there are a variety of options available, like any modern country Iran has its own version of Uber called Snapp or Tapsi. In case, you are thinking about hiring a car, you can simply ask us to arrange it for you, with/out driver. There is a good domestic navigation app available, only for Andriod for the moment, called Mizan Navigation, install it and enjoy your ride in the city.

Travel To Dubai, UAE Questions

Travel To Istanbul, Turkey Questions

Dental Implants Questions

What are the documents required for dental implants?

To start with the consultation, the periodontist consultant would require to know about the patient’s general health conditions such as a history of diabetes or osteoporosis. In addition, prior to your consultation, patients are advised to obtain a copy of their OPG, CBCT documents from the current dentist and his recommendations.

Answered by Dr. Rostamzadeh

Are dental implants are expensive?

The cost of dental implants treatment varies based on location and the material. For example, you can spend about £2,000 for this treatment in the UK and this cost would be in the region of £400 in Iran. This treatment could be perceived as a luxury treatment, however, the amount you are investing in is worthwhile considering the level of improvement in lifestyle, confidence and general health.

How many dental implants are placed by MedoBay partners?

The dental clinics selected by MedoBay in Iran have on average placed 1200-1500 dental implants annually. We are only selecting those clinics who have track records of successful treatments.

How painful is the process of dental implants?

A general concern for most of the patients is the pain. Like most of the dental procedures, in most of the cases, dental implants are placed using a local anaesthetic. The initial anaesthetic injection could sting a bit, but afterwards, the mouth would become numb, and the patients will feel minimal, and it makes the surgery very painless.

The process of placing dental implants involve drilling the jawbone. Hence patients might feel the vibration or pressing during this time, and the dentist will always make sure the patient’s mouth is completely numb before and during the process. In some more complicated cases, sedation might be used which is different from general anaesthetics.

This is one of the most common concerns for people thinking about having an implant. When carried out by an experienced clinician, most dental implants are very straightforward to place, taking only about ten to fifteen minutes to complete the surgical part of the treatment. However, more complex cases may take longer.

In most cases, implants are placed within fifteen minutes so it will be quite a short process, and the pain is entirely under control.

Will I need bone grafting?

In some cases that jawbone has been deteriorated which make it less suitable for hosting dental implants, bone grafting technique might be used. Bone grafts are usually chosen case by case for each patient. The material varies and could be a synthetic or special material made in the laboratory.

What would you do with a gap left as the result of teeth extraction?

Often patients ask whether they can have instant implants. This means that immediately after extracting a tooth placing an implant in the same place. Yes, it is possible to have instant implants and it’s a decision of specialist to assess it. However, sometimes it’s necessary to leave the gap for healing purposes. There are reasons for delaying as it helps the area to heal and make sure infections are well treated before placing an implant, so the success rate will be higher.

Should I extract the teeth before visiting your specialist?

No, we can extract the teeth for you and start your treatments. As we’d like to assess the area to identify the best treatment plan for your teeth. However, if you are in pain you can remove the teeth before visiting our consultants.

Would I be a good candidate if I had lost my teeth for a longtime?

In most cases, you can have dental implants placed unless the bone conditions are in a situation that the specialist considers contrarily. This is very rare and in most cases, our experienced dental implant specialists can propose a treatment plan for you. Nevertheless, it’s advised to use our free online consultation session before travelling.

Do you replace all teeth with implants?

Yes, you can but our highly experienced specialist need to assess you. We can offer a variety of options and treatment plans specifically tailored to your needs. This could be implanting for teeth and using the bridging technique, the choice is dependent on the conditions of your teeth and jawbone.

How much time is required for placing dental implants?

Our partners are the best in this field with over a thousand dental implant procedure yearly. In the majority of cases, we can place dental implants in a day inclusive of pre-assessment, treatment planning and placement of dental implants.

In case I need more that a day to carry out the procedure, what can I do?

At MedoBay we are striving to give the best experience, so we have a range of entertainment packages. Please visit our destination page which has plenty of useful information.

Will dental implants affect an MRI?

Although dental implants are made from a special titanium alloy which could impact the MRI Scans, the result of several studies has confirmed that precious alloys amalgams and titanium can cause minimal artefacts on MRI graphics. It is very rare that patients with Dental Implants have experienced a failure while undergoing a MIR Scan or MRI scans been distorted because of having dental implants.

Answered by Dr. Rostamzadeh

Will dental implants ever be covered by insurance?

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Will dental implants last forever?

The dental implants are considered as long-term replacements for your permanent tooth. Dental implants could last for a long time even lifetime when they are properly placed by the periodontist specialist and maintained routinely by the patients.

Answered by Dr. Rostamzadeh

Will dental implants get cheaper?

When you compare the price for a dental implant in Europe and a country like Iran, you’ll find out 400 euros is not considered a very high price but if you look for a cheaper option you can make a decision to have bridges or removable partial dentures.

Answered by Dr. Rostamzadeh

Will dental implants hurt?

The doctor will use local anaesthesia to numb your mouth before starting the procedure, therefore the patient should experience a minimal pain just a stinging feeling from the injection.

Answered by Dr. Rostamzadeh

Will dental implants stop bone loss?

The criteria for a successful implant insertion is 0.2 mm bone resorption around dental implants annually which is not a significant amount. This means dental implants are preserving your jaw bone and act like natural teeth.

Answered by Dr. Rostamzadeh

Will dental implants trigger airport security?

No. dental implants are made from titanium alloy and titanium is not a magnetic metal, so it can not trigger metal detectors in TSA security.

Answered by Dr. Rostamzadeh

Will dental implants help gum disease?

Will my dental implants look natural?

When will dental implants be covered by insurance?

When will dental implant stop hurting?

How much will dental implants cost?

Can dental implants be removed?

Can dental implants make you sick?

Can dental implants be done in one day?

Can dental implants cause autoimmune disease?

Can dental implants fail?

Can dental implants fall out?

Can dental implants be whitened?

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Can dental implants be replaced?

Can dental implants be removed and replaced with dentures?

Can dental implants cause headaches?

Can dental implants break?

Can dental implants cause sinus problems?

Can dental implants cause nerve damage?

Can dental implants decay?

Can dental implants cause bad breath?

Can dental implants move?

Can dental implants get cavities?

Can dental implants rot?

Which dental implants should I go for?

Which dental implant is best?

What dental implants are made of?

Why dental implants are so expensive?

Why dental implants fall out?

Why dental implants are better than bridges?

What is dental implants for dentures?

What is dental implant surgery?

What is dental implant abutment?

What is dental implant failure?

What is dental implant bone graft?

What is dental implant placement?

What is dental implant process?

What’s mini dental implants?

Where are dental implants made?

Who does dental implant work?

Are dental implants safe for the elderly?

Are dental implants safe for MRI?

Are dental implants magnetic?

Can dental implants be done without sedation?

Can dental implants be done with braces?

Cosmetic Dentistry Questions

What are the documents required for pre-assessment of cosmetic dentistry?

Can cosmetic dentistry fix an overbite?

Can cosmetic dentistry fix crooked teeth?

Can cosmetic dentistry fix receding gums?

What can cosmetic dentistry fix?

Can I afford cosmetic dentistry?

Can you finance cosmetic dentistry?

Can i get cosmetic dentistry for free?

How can cosmetic dentistry help you?

Which cosmetic dentistry should I chose?

What are cosmetic dentistry procedures?

Are veneers a type of cosmetic dentistry?

Can cosmetic dentistry be used to straighten teeth?

Can cosmetic dentistry help to close gaps?

What is cosmetic dentistry procedure for tooth reshaping?

What is involved in cosmetic dentistry for tooth bonding?

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Questions

Documents required for pre-assessment for nose surgery?

Here is the list of medical documents usually asked by our specialists.

Beauty Treatments i.e. Botox, Filler or Face Lifting Questions

Hair Transplant Questions

How to chose a surgeon for hair transplant?

This is a one million dollars question? No. This is like other operations, and what matters the most is the surgeon skills and a number of successful hair transplant operations. There are other factors to consider like the team helping the main surgeon. Yes, that’s true, as surgery sometimes could be perceived as a production and surgeons might try to streamline it by supervising the operation rather than actually participating in it. Always check who is designing the hair layout, who is extracting the hair strip in case of FUT, as the skills matter later on when the scars remain.

At MedoBay we vet and screen surgeons who have carried out more 1000 hair transplant procedures annually, and of course with successful results. Like any industry, everyone has its own recommendations and success stories, but in reality, you should be doing it and when you are doing it abroad it becomes more difficult, that’s the reason we have introduced our medical advisory board who visits the surgeries and do due diligence behalf you.  Yes, your head and your look are very important that you can only trust a few of them, and there are many factors to consider during this decision making process.

There are organisations such as Internation Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, website:, but by your first visit, you’ll realise that it’s mostly a handful surgeon in US or India.

Should I go for FUT or FIT?

There are factors to consider when deciding between Hair Transplant FUT and  FIT. First of all, FUT involved removing a hair strip from the back of your head, the scar after the procedure might be visible if you tend to have short hair. Depending on the skills of your surgeon to suture the tissues together artfully to have a minimal scar marks after the procedure, you might want to go for FIT, if you like to shave your head or have a very short haircut. Sometimes hair transplant surgeons might choose to have a combination of both hair transplant techniques involve removing a hair strip and also extracting hair follicles individually. The suitability of FIT also depends on your hair graft types as curly and spinning hair grafts make it difficult for the dissection process.

Costwise, the FUT hair transplant is usually slightly less expensive compared to FIT. In general, patients aged between 24 and 28 tend to go for FIT as they might like to shave their head. Some races like Africans might want to have their head shaved, and they look good as well, so FIT is a good option. Additionally, patients who had undergone a FUT procedure would prefer to go with the FIT method as it leaves less scar marks on the backside of the head. In some cases, patients who like to hide the scar with new planted hair would go with the FIT hair transplant method as well.

Is it true that FUT results are better compared to FUE?

It is a general question usually asked, but the answer depends on each individual circumstances.

One important aspect of FUT hair transplant is the donor area and harvesting of hair grafts from the donor area. Experience is the most factor with these type of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, and the result matter.

With FUT hair transplant method the surgeon would be able to see the graft deep into the skin and hence better control during the harvesting process.

Can hair transplant fail?

Can hair transplant scars be removed?

Can hair transplant lower hairline?

Can hair transplant be done twice?

Can hair transplant cause death?

Can hair transplant cause cancer?

Can hair transplant grow long?

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Can hair transplant be done on thinning hair?

Can hair transplant really work?

Can hair transplant cause nerve damage?

Can hair transplant fall out?

Can hair transplant cover whole head?

Can hair transplant be done on scar tissue?

Can hair transplant increased density?

Can hair transplant go wrong?

Can hair transplant from another person?

Can hair transplant reduce forehead?

Which hair transplant method is best?

Which hair transplant clinic is the best?

When hair transplant is done?

Will hair transplant work?

Will hair transplant last forever?

Will hair transplant cause cancer?

Will hair transplant hairs grow?

Will one hair transplant be enough?

Will i regret hair transplant?

Which hair transplant method is best?

Which celebrity hair transplant?

What age hair transplant?

What is the fue hair transplant?

what aftercare should I do after a hair transplant procedure?

What are the hair transplant pros and cons?

what is the hair transplant FUT?

Why second hair transplant?

Why swelling after hair transplant?

Why pimples after hair transplant?

Why itching after hair transplant?

Why itching after hair transplant?

Are hair transplant permanent?

Are hair transplant permanent?

Are hair transplant worth it?

Are hair transplant scars permanent?

Is hair transplant painful?

Is hair transplant haram?

Is hair transplant natural

Beard Transplant Questions