• Azadi Square, Tehran-Iran
  • MedoBay Health Tourism Platform
  • MedoBay Health Tourism Platform
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  • Imam Mosque (Masjed-e Imam) at Naghsh-e Jahan Square
  • MedoBay Health Tourism Platform
  • Milad Tower Tehran
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  • Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran
  • MedoBay Health Tourism Platform

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Searching for the best doctors? Tired of High Treatment Costs? Absurd Waiting Time? Well, not anymore.

Instantly Find tons of experts and professionally screened doctors and healthcare specialists both at home and abroad on MedoBay.

Find specialists, book consultations, instant access to world-class hospitals, choice destinations, seamless handling of your visa and logistic issue on your next medical tourism when you book with MedoBay.

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Very highly talented healthcare professionals with successful track records.

10+ centres de santé de haute qualité

We have selected high-quality health centres in Iran, plus lots of other fun destinations for your trip!

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Whether it’s the thrill of a new place, or the hope of quality and affordable medical services in a different location that appeals to you, or both, we warmly welcome you on board. MedoBay is a medical tourism and healthcare provider that offers affordable and seamless health travel services to Iran. While we recognise that your health is paramount, we also want you to enjoy the adventure, thrill and excitement that comes with travelling and all the benefits it offers. Enjoy sightseeing in fantastic locations, experience round the clock support and access to world-class medical services at no extra inconvenience to you.

While no medical process is exactly fun to anticipate, we aim to paint an even better picture when you envision your healing journey with us. At MedoBay, we invite you to explore our full range of cosmetic surgery, health packages, medical procedure and more importantly, the joy of knowing that we’ve got all parts of your medical tourism covered, from start to finish!

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We are dedicated to making your next medical tourism a huge success. From your Initial consultation to your visa, logistics and the entire medical process – Medobay will guide you at every step of your medical travel and tourism.

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At Medobay, we believe that healthcare shouldn’t stop at the boundaries of wherever you reside, we guarantee you the same timely, safe and professional treatment process for all of our medical procedures, with an added incentive of affordability, tourism and round the clock care. We also offer round the clock medical centres for tourists in Iran and other popular medical tourism destination.

MedoBay is your number one medical tourism agency, health travel search engine and facilitator that can help you find the best medical care around your locale or thousands of miles away, with the same top-quality care, professionalism and treatment. MedoBay is wholly dedicated to making your medical journey abroad smooth and stress-free.

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