Medobay Medical Tourism Platform

Medobay is a medical tourism curating engine combined with a telemedicine tool. We collect information about treatments in popular medical tourism destinations and compile them along with the cost of accommodation and concierge services to produce a price index for treatments in each city. Moreover, we are aiming to make it easier for patients to connect with medical centres, including doctors and hospitals. To this end, we have developed the best spoke solution for patients to explore the cost of medical treatments in different parts of the world and connect with trusted and qualified medical centres with few clicks. Medobay Telemedicine solution makes a seamless connection between patients and medical centres to book appointments and have medical centres reachable in just a few clicks!

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How Does Medobay Telemedicine Platform Work?

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Explore Medical Tourism Treatment Packages

We have created a nice search tool for patients to compare and contrast medical tourism packages in popular medical tourism hubs.You just need to search for your treatment packages such as Dental Implants, Rhinoplasty or Knee Replacement. We will give you a weighted price index of medical treatments in each medical tourism hub along with a list of medical centres.


Connect with the Medical Centre and Book Appointment

Once you decided which city is suitable for your selected treatment, the next step is to book an Online Appointment with available medical centres in the chosen city. This is very simple, and you just need to create an account, because we take your security very important. Your data is going to stay anonymous as long as you don’t reveal your information to the medical centre. We take the privacy of your data very seriously.


Select a date for your appointment

After selecting the medical centre, now it’s time to book your appointment with the medical centre. You can simply choose from one of the available dates in the week and select a precise timeslot for your appointment. That’s it! Next, the medical centre will receive your request and send you the instructions.


Attend your appointment

Once the medical centre approves your appointment, you will receive instructions through our system to join the appointment and talk to your doctor.

Search & Ask your questions

We understand sometimes it might be very confusing knowing where to start, you can just ask your question, and then our AI-based question engine would check your question against our question bank if we can help you with an answer if not, we will send your question in anonymous form to our medical partners to contact you. You just need to write your question, and your email, leave the rest with us.

A Quick Overview about Medobay

Over time, we have learnt what our customers are looking for. Medobay is a customer-focused organisation, we do our best to close the gap between patients and medical centres, so we have worked hard to bring some of the best solutions for this purpose and we believe we are at the beginning of this journey.

Free Medical Consultation

Have you tried our Healthy Wednesdays scheme?We are bringing some of the best medical centres to offer consultations for 1$.

20+ High Quality Health Centres

Our list of medical centres are growing month by month. We are actively looking to expand our network with reputable medical centres.

14+ Treatments

Whether you are looking for dental implants or knee replacement, there are over dozens of treatments available on our platform. Check out the list of our treatment packages.

4 Countries (more coming soon)

We are currently working with medical centres in the UK, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Turkey & Iran.

Unique Telemedicine Platform

Using our new Telemedicine System you can manage your booking, connect and chat with various representatives of medical centres. Our aim is to provide a safe environment for patients to talk to Medical Centres.

Book Your Appointment

Whether you are in the UK or Australia or South Africa you can book Online Appointments with doctors and discuss your concerns with medical professionals.

Most Popular Treatment Packages

Are you tired of long waiting time for your treatment?
Are you concerned about the cost of your treatment?
Using Medobay you can connect with medical centres in different countries, get a customized quote and ask your questions.

dental implant tehran
dental implant tehran
full mouth dental implant mashhad
full mouth dental implant mashhad
five hours counselling  - tehran - iran
five hours counselling - tehran - iran
full mouth dental implant london
full mouth dental implant london
full mouth dental implant tehran
full mouth dental implant tehran
hair transplant tehran
hair transplant tehran
eight teeth dental implant tehran
eight teeth dental implant tehran
nine hours counselling  - tehran - iran
nine hours counselling - tehran - iran
hair transplant mashhad
hair transplant mashhad

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