Your trip and your treatments process

Find a travel health package

1. Find the Healthcare Package

At Medobay, we have carefully vetted and selected a broad range of world-class specialist healthcare centres across Iran. We have a dedicated advisory board that personally inspects the quality and standard of these specialist centres and ensure they meet international standards. Whether you are searching for Dental Implants or Hair Transplants in Iran, we can offer you a refined and structured service from a range of our health care packages. We continuously monitor and inspect these healthcare centres to ensure that we are offering our esteemed clients nothing less than the best.

2. Talk to Us

We understand that travelling to another country can be a stressful process. Therefore, we would like to answer your questions regarding travel procedure and admission to healthcare centres. We encourage you to talk to us if you have any doubts or questions about any aspect of your treatment or travel, we are committed to ensuring that we offer you the best possible service. Alternatively, you can talk to any of our trained health tour staff if you need help with anything throughout your stay. Our health tour staffs will help you process everything related to your travel to Iran, from submitting your documents, to booking your travel and arranging the perfect accommodation for you.

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Prepare for health trip

3. Pre-treatment’s preparations

We know that trips to the hospital are not always pleasant, but at Medobay, we are hoping to redefine your experience. We will put all the necessary preparations in place to ensure that you enjoy a memorable stay. We will also ensure that you receive excellent care in the best medical centre for tourists in Iran and other popular medical tourist destinations. No last-minute cancellations, no issues or last-minute change of plans. We guarantee you that we have got it all planned to the very last detail. If you have any particular preferences, please get in touch with us and we would b happy to oblige your requests.

4. Admission to Our Healthcare Centres

You will instantly begin to feel our warmth and love the moment you arrive at the airport. On your arrival, we will safely transfer you to your comfortable and already prepared accommodation. Next, we will begin the medical admission process in an exclusive medical centre for tourists that we must have prepared for you beforehand. Because this process can sometimes be cumbersome and lengthy, we have resolved to assist you with the admission process so that your treatment can start as scheduled. Again, we urge you to speak to a member of our health tour staff if you have any questions or need any issues sorted out. We guarantee you that we will always be there for you.

Admission process in Medobay
Aftercare and Post operations for Health Tourist

5. Post-Treatment And Aftercare

We hope that at this point of your stay with us, you must have been loving it so far. However, we do not just vanish into thin air after your medical procedure. If you would like to return home immediately after the procedure, we will arrange for your safe departure. However, we recommend that you stay a little longer and bask in some of the beauty of Iran. Make the most of your medical tourism in Iran by visiting some of the best parts of the country as you slowly and steadily journey towards complete recovery. For us, your full recovery is all that really matters, and we believe a little sightseeing after your medical or cosmetic treatment in Iran will do wonders for your health