Budapest Medical Tourism Hub in Hugary

Medical Tourism in Budapest, Hungary

For those considering medical tourism, Budapest, Hungary is an excellent choice. For decades, Hungary has served as a spot for medical tourism for people living in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and even Italy. Over the years, the country has also been attracting Americans and Canadian clientele. The key reason why medical tourism has caught on in Hungary is the cost- which is far cheaper than almost all countries in Europe and North America. Plus, Hungary is a beautiful country, rich in culture and has ample historical monuments, museums, and buildings of yesteryears.
With the increase in the number of medical tourists, Hungary has gone out of its way to improve the infrastructure and improve the quality of healthcare. Today, the medical outcomes from Hungary rival the best medical centres in Europe.

Cost of Treatments in Budapest

What types of procedures are available in Budapest, Hungary?

Medobay has recruited surgeons and physicians in many specialities to cater to medical tourism in Budapest. The hospitals and clinics in Budapest now offer procedures in cosmetic surgery, cosmetic and therapeutic dentistry, joint and bone surgery, overall wellness, plastic surgery, management of heart and lung disease, and many other medical disorders. All the procedures are done at accredited clinics and hospitals by physicians trained at elite centres in Hungary and Europe. The country has also recruited language translators to cater to tourists from Europe and elsewhere. Some of them are working round the clock for 24/7. However, rest assured, most healthcare workers, including physicians widely speak English.
To make the process smooth, Medobay in conjunction with the healthcare team in Budapest is offering inclusive package deals. For example, if you decide to have breast augmentation or weight loss surgery, then the total cost will include your airfare, accommodation, meals, cost of surgery, pre and post-surgical appointments, medications and all consultations. Because the cost of surgery is low, the overall inclusive price is still less than what one would have to pay in Canada, the USA, Japan, France or Germany.
At every step of the way, in Budapest, you will encounter excellent professionalism and quality service. This will not only help with a speedy recovery but also offer you a relaxing break.
Budapest is a charming city, more laid back than hectic London or Paris. Besides visiting many thermal spas in the city, there are lots to see and do. The restaurant prices are lower than in Paris, and the food is mouth-watering. The locals are amiable and getting around the city is relatively easy. Budapest also has a very low crime rate, and you can go out at night without any fear.
To come to Hungary, one must first fly into Budapest International airport which serves most European cities and also offers transcontinental travel.
If you decide to come to Hungary for your healthcare, our specialists at Medobay will help you with the visa, booking an air flight, arranging your accommodation and transport. Before the arrival, Medobay will hold a video conference with the staff in Budapest where you will be free to ask any questions. If you wish, a tour can also be arranged in your inclusive package so that you also get to enjoy a vacation while you are healing.