Crypto Currency & BlockChain for Medical Tourism Through MedoCoin

There are many reasons why blockchain can be a catalyst in the field of medical tourism. These days crypto currency topic is a heated topic. There are many advocates of blockchain in various fields from financial services to even darkest fields like black markets. One might ask the question what is the big deal about blockchain?
Blockchain is an innovative technology enabling peer-to-peer transactions using cryptography. Ok, lot’s of buzz words! In the real word, most of the daily based collaboration are done through mutual agreements between two individuals, this works great as long as the matter is simplified and doesn’t involved multilayered or complex type of transactions. For instance, I go to a dentist to treat my bad tooth and in returns of treatment, I happily pay the dentist a fee. Isn’t it simple? Yes, do I need to go to a bank or government to issue an appointment? No. Do I need to go to a bank to pay for the treatment? No, if I am paying by cash. This is a simple type of agreement or in blockchain terminology a SmartContract between two parties including a patient and a doctor. But things are not always that easy, there are regulations that has been introduced for our own benefits and as the result involve third party regulatory parties such as GDC or Government Dental  Council who regulates dentists, so you can be sure that the dentist you are visiting is regulated by the NHS in the UK. On the other hand, since NHS pays for some health treatment, they also need to be aware of such transactions to reimburse the fee to dentists behalf of NHS payments. But if you are a private patient and willing to pay the full amount to your dentist, then there is no need for that.  In both cases, we are talking about a smart contract ultimately involves two main parties including a patient and a legitimate doctor.

How can Blockchain technology help Medical Tourism?

There are many aspects that blockchain technology can utilise the medical tourism including

Application of Blockchain Technology for more collaborative health treatments

As you know health treatment is not a silo treatment, your doctor can diagnose better and come up with a better treatment plan when s/he knows you past medical records. But we all been there, we visit doctors every now and again and it’s very easy to lose your medical records and keep track of it. Blockchain technology can help you to store your medical records in a decentralised way and share it with the medical service providers. More importantly you have control of it who can access it. The MedoCoin offers you a block of medical record chain where you can store your records and share it across different providers.