We believe in diversity and hence we are striving to find quality medical centers across different countries. In order to fulfill our customers’ desire, we are actively searching for medical centers in different countries and expanding our network. Currently, we cover the following countries:

Medical Hubs in Iran

Medical Hubs in India

India is now becoming a new hub for medical tourism. The benefits are a less waiting period, less expensive treatment, world-class facilities under one roof, world-class doctors,Internationally Accredited Hospitals. We are working in Pan India. We basically have all specialization treatment available. The Major Hospital are Apollo Group, Max Group, Forties Group Medanta, Artemis, Paras Hospital Blk Hospital and etc.. If you need all treatment charges we can share that with you what all those charges are approx and it depends on patient to patient and every hospital charges are different.

We are dealing with these treatments.