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How should I obtain Visa for Iran?

Can I bring my family member or relatives for my treatment to Iran?

Yes, of course. Some people might want to bring their family members or relatives to accompany them during the treatment. We understand having your family would make it less stressful, so please let us know and we will happily help you.

I am fairly new to Iran, should I be worried?

Iran is considered one of the safest countries in the Middle East. Additionally, people are very hospitable and helpful. You are going to be escorted and assisted by one of our team members, so there is no point to be worried about.

What type of Insurance should I obtain before travelling to Iran?

After my treatment, I’d like to stay and explore the country. Do you have any service for that purpose?

Depending on the city you are planning for your health treatment, there are plenty of tourist attractions and fun things to do. Please refer to our destination page to find out more.
We are covering Ahvaz, Tabriz and Tehran as the main destination and we are planning to expand to other cities including Mashhad, Shiraz and Isfahan. We believe in experience and hence we’d like to enhance this experience by providing a wider choice for health travellers. Of course, because we are providing health packages, we assess other cities and touristic features and will add them.

I am coming from an Arab country, which cities would you suggest?

Iran is a big country and believe me, you want to explore all of the cities! However, for health treatments, we have found out that patients usually prefer to travel to Ahvaz, Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran. If you are interested to visit holy shrines and religious places Mashhad and Qom are fantastic cities for that purpose.

What are the languages spoken in Iran?

The official language in Iran is Farsi. People in southern cities including Bushehr and Ahvaz, also speak Arabic. On the western part of the country, Kurdish dialect is widely used and similarly, on North West part of the country including Tabriz, people speak Azari as well. However, as the second language, English is widely understood and spoken.

How can I get around while I am in Iran?

Our service includes transportation for your health-related destinations, should you like to go to other touristic places we can also arrange it for you. Depending on your nationality, you might require to be escorted in Iran, hence we are working with government approved agents to provide this service for you. Otherwise, there are a variety of options available, like any modern country Iran has its own version of Uber called Snapp or Tapsi. In case, you are thinking about hiring a car, you can simply ask us to arrange it for you, with/out driver. There is a good domestic navigation app available, only for Andriod for the moment, called Mizan Navigation, install it and enjoy your ride in the city.