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India: Asia Medical Hub

Medical tourism is one of the flourishing sectors in India. Projected to be $7 to $8 US billion industry by 2020. Although this sector has not attracted significant investors but also has opened new dimensions of growth. Delhi is rightly considered one of the most significant and substantial centres for medical tourism in Asia.
With providing world-class treatment to its cost-effectiveness, Delhi NCR(national capital region) has attracted patients from all around the world. Treatment provided from the accredited medical facilities in Delhi NCR is at par with developed countries and also comes at very less cost.
According to a report published by The Medical Tourism Market Report in 2015: states that India offers high quality with a fraction of costs which is about one-tenth of a similar procedure in developed countries like US or UK. Medical procedures in the United Kingdom or Unites States are very expensive when put in comparison to prices in India. Anyone can save anywhere between 30%-70% of total expenses. The savings also include on the expenditures on travel and accommodation.
Majority of medical tourism users are the ones with no medical insurance of their own or with their country being unable to provide with quality treatment and facilities. Even in many cases, medical insurance does not cover the full cost of the treatment, and the patient has to pay a fraction of the total cost. There are many instances that when this fraction of costs is too much to bear for the patient & medical tourism is the only remaining option.
Medical facilities and most of the treatment estimates in Delhi NCR is not only around one-tenth of the cost of the prices compared to prices in UK & USA but also provide world-class competence. Surgeries like bone-marrow transplant, hip replacement, cardiac bypass, eye surgery are most sought out operations in Delhi NCR.
Hospitals like Medanta Medicity, Fortis Healthcare, AIIMS, Max Super Specialty, World Brain Center Hospital are among the top rated medical facilities which provide world-class treatment and services to international patients and take care of their needs as well. With Cheap and excellent clean accommodations being one of the highlighting factors patients are automatically inclined towards the Capital for treatment. Delhi being the capital of India attract a significant share of patients from around the globe. Patients are also provided with great support from Indian governments. Concerning visa restrictions being lifted from patients from Gulf countries for tourist visas.
Delhi NCR is now among the most looked out option for all the important treatments with experienced doctors and well-prepared health care process. With less to no waiting time for treatment, patients are much satisfied travelling to Delhi NCR. Moreover, with personalised Healthcare medical facilities have created a vast network of services for their international clients. Medical tourism is showing an excellent linear growth over the year there is no doubt that Delhi NCR is among the top hubs of medical tourism not only in India but also in Asia.

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