London Medical Tourism Hub in the UK

Unlike many other cities, London has been a top-rated medical destination for tourists from all over the globe for many years. The city is not only blessed with top-ranked hospitals but some of the best-known physicians and surgeons in the nation. Today one can find world-renowned specialists operating in many of the London Hospitals, performing a variety of surgical procedures for both locals and tourists.

Some reasons why London clinics have excelled as a centre for medical tourism include its diversity of staff, the availability of the latest technology, ease of access and dedicated team. A significant advantage of coming to London for medical tourism is that everyone speaks English and that there are no waiting lists. Finally, when tourists come to London for their medical care or surgery, they are also offered a chance for sightseeing in the city.

To facilitate medical tourism for London, the clinics also have a close working partnership with the local government officials so that it is easy for foreigners to obtain a visa. Further, the London clinics also have a close association with the tour operators, hotels and airlines so that they can offer you an inclusive package deal that combines medical care with a chance to catch the elegant ‘sights & sounds’ of the city. Medobay, in association with several clinics, now offers medical tourism in several specialities.

Cost of Treatments in London Dental Packages Offered in London

There is no question that the cost of dentistry is prohibitively expensive in countries like the USA and Canada. In addition, there is also a lack of dental specialists in many other countries. Hence, our dental specialists in London are now offering a number of packages to tourists. Some of the popular dental procedures offered by the London clinics include the following:
The London dental tourism package includes your initial appointment, pre and post-dental assessments, anaesthesia, treatment, aftercare, and recovery. The dental package will also include accommodation while you recover. The dental package may be combined with a tour of the city. At all times, a representative will be with you to ensure that you have a complete recovery and get the best out of the London visit. The cost of the dental package depends on what type of procedure you are going to be having, but it is most certainly cheaper than having it done in the US or Canada.

Hair Transplant Packages Offered in London

A hair transplant is a delicate procedure that is not readily available in many countries. Our London hair specialists are now offering several hair transplant packages that combine the procedure with a holiday. Our hair transplant clinics are accredited and staffed by licensed professionals with many years of experience. They offer high-quality procedures in the state of art facilities with attention to minute details. If you are considering a hair transplant, then the initial appointment is free and can be done via skype from any part of the world. The various hair transplant packages available include:
While hair transplant is not a major surgical procedure, we do recommend that you remain for a few days in London, so that your recovery can be followed. The initial swelling and bruising normally subside within 24-48 hours, and there is minimal pain.

 Fertility Packages offered in London

For couples who are having difficulty becoming parents, the most significant barrier to fertility treatment is finding the right specialist. At our London clinics, we have some of the best fertility experts in the nation, who offer the latest treatments with high success rates. We offer a number of inclusive fertility package deals at a number of our clinics. The treatment packages encompass all the costs that are associated with infertility treatments. There is one bundled fee so that the couples will know the exact price of the total treatment. The bundled fee will include all the diagnostic testing, appointments, monitoring, and treatments. Even the medications needed will be included in the pricing. Our in-vitro fertility packages include the following:
Infertility can be very stressful that can affect both partners emotionally and physically, often affecting the relationship. Thus in our bundled inclusive package deals, we disclose the final total fee upfront so that there are no surprises at the end. This will help you plan your finances and help avoid billing problems during treatment. We want all our clients to be free of financial stress while undergoing treatment. We do offer an initial free consultation so that you have a better idea about the finances needed for treatment.

What other facilities do you have in London?

All the procedures are performed by highly-trained English speaking healthcare providers. Most of them have been trained in the UK, and many have had additional training in Europe or North America. Further, for our clients from non-English speaking countries, we have linguists 24/7 in Hindi, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin who will help you with translation if you have any questions. 
Before you arrive in London, we will arrange a teleconference with your healthcare provider and the team so that you can ask questions and feel both confident and comfortable with your choices.
From the moment you arrive in London, your medical journey will be personalised. From the day of arrival to the day of departure, you will be provided with customised personal care by a team of dedicated staff. Our eventual goal is to surpass all your expectations and make the medical journey as pleasant as possible and at the same time, meeting your healthcare goals.

What else is included in the package deals?

Asides from medical care, we will ensure that you have pleasant accommodation near the clinics. You will be provided with transportation to and from the airport, and your meals of choice will be provided three times a day. Depending on time and the type of package, there will be private tours of the city and much more. Once you decide to come to London for treatment, our staff will help you get the necessary visa and assist with the booking of the airline. All our clinics have amenities for disabled individuals, and we will provide you with mobile devices if needed.

 Am I allowed to bring along a companion?

We highly encourage that you bring along a companion as this makes the travel experience more enjoyable. Your companion can accompany you and stay with you during the treatment and recovery period. Your companion can stay with you at no extra cost, but of course, there will be charged for the airfare and meals.

While I am in London, how will you keep in contact with me?

Once you arrive at the airport, you will be met by one of our representatives who will take you to your accommodation. You will also be given a mobile phone so that we can keep in touch with you and vice versa. Plus, all the accommodations do have internet connections so that you can also stay in touch with your family and friends.

Do I need to pay any money upfront?

At Medobay, we do not have a policy of upfront payment or a deposit. This is our way of showing confidence in our medical tourism packages. You are not required to submit any type of payment until you have spoken to the healthcare provider in London and have had all your questions answered. We want you to feel completely comfortable in how we operate. Your safety is our topmost priority.

What type of accommodation does Medobay provide for clients in London?

All the accommodations have been personally approved by our team. We operate with a network of hotels and guest houses within the vicinity of our clinics. The accommodations are fully furnished, safe and contain all the basic amenities. We also provide you with a list of nearby restaurants, things to do and see, and how to get around with the metro system. Since the medical tourism packages we offer have a quick recovery, we encourage you to go outdoors and enjoy the vacation at the same time.

What happens after I return from my London trip?

Once you return back home, we will still be available for any questions that you may have. We can be contacted via phone, skype or email. You will be provided with ways on how to approach a number of our staff in case you have questions.

What type of privacy do you offer?

We maintain the utmost respect and privacy for all our clients. Confidentiality of all medical information is maintained at all times. We abide by HIPAA regulations to ensure that all medical information is securely stored.

Medobay Mission in London

At Medobay, we are committed to excellence for all our clients. We ensure that each client has a smooth, safe and satisfying journey through our London clinics, and defies all expectations. We are committed to providing the best medical tourism package for each client so that it is not only relaxing but also meets the medical goals. We have unparalleled access to the top clinics and specialists in London to ensure that you have the best outcome.