Madrid Medical Tourism Hub in the Spain

Going to Madrid for your healthcare?

Medobay is now working with physicians in Madrid, Spain, for individuals who are interested in medical tourism. Spain overall has an excellent healthcare system which often ranks in the top ten healthcare systems in Europe. More importantly, Spanish citizens rarely complain about their healthcare quality and delivery because it is excellent.

Medobay has elected to work with physicians in Madrid to provide medical care for tourists. Madrid has excellent hospitals, well-trained staff, and state of the art technology. Because of the excellent reputation of its hospitals as well as being a splendid place to visit, medical tourism has gradually been on the rise in Spain. Each year, millions of foreigners seek medical treatment in Spain.

There are many reasons to seek treatment in Madrid, including the exceptional quality of healthcare but at the same time enjoy the low cost of living, compared to many other cities in Europe.

Our physicians in Madrid work out of accredited hospitals and clinics, are board-certified, and most have years of experience. Some of the surgeries that are offered in our Madrid clinics include LASIK surgery, spine and joint surgery, in-vitro fertility, complete heart care, beauty and cosmetic treatments (breast augmentation, hair transplant, rhinoplasty), dentistry (teeth whitening, implants, root canal surgery) and a variety of weight loss procedures (eg vertical gastroplasty, bypass surgery).

We offer an inclusive package deal with each type of surgery in Madrid- this means that the package will include your airfare, transportation to and from the airport, accommodation, meals, pre, and post assessment, anaesthesia, the surgery, and post-op care. Besides, depending on the type of package you buy, private tours will be arranged depending on your personal choices.

The surgery is done in some of the most excellent clinics and hospitals in Madrid. In many hospitals, special wings have been created that cater only to the tourist. Another significant advantage of coming to Madrid is that the majority of doctors are bilingual- speaking Spanish and English, and most have had their training in Spain or a top medical centre in Europe.

Cost of Treatments in Madrid

So how does one pick a doctor in Madrid?

Before coming to Madrid, Medobay will arrange a teleconference and provide you with the details of what is available, the cost and who your physician or surgeon will be. Of course, you will be provided with several names, and you are free to pick the surgeon you feel more comfortable with. At this conference, you are free to ask any questions about the trip and medical treatment. Our team at Medobay will assist you with the visa and booking of the airline. Once you arrive in Madrid, you will be picked up by one of the members and taken to your accommodation. You are allowed to bring one companion who can stay with you in the accommodation provided. However, you will be responsible for the airfare and cost of meals.

In Madrid, every effort is made to combine the surgery with sightseeing so that you derive the maximum benefit. Madrid is a well-known tourist centre with lots to see and do.

Overall, for most surgeries, the patient can expect anywhere from 30-50% reduction in cost compared to the same surgery in North America or other places in Europe. Madrid has an International airport served by dozens of airlines from all over the world and the weather throughout the year is nice and warm. You definitely will not only enjoy the travelling experience but will get the highest quality of care in Madrid.