Medobay is activiely looking to work with Medical Tourism Facilitators

Why joining Medobay?

By joining Medobay Affiliate Network, you will reach a wide range of users located in the Middle East and Europe.

What is the benefit of Medobay Affiliate Network?

At Medobay we understand the hardship of marketing your services to a wide range of customers across borders. We also know most of the medical centres have the same goal, which is helping the patients. At the same time, not all the medical centres are competing with each other as they are providing diffferent services, so why not instead of being a solo player all work togther for a better service. This is the aim of Medobay Affiliate Network.

How Medobay Affiliate Network reduces your marketing costs?

Based on our data, medical centres spend on average about $300 on marketing to acquire a new customer, this cost might not be affordable for a small medical centre. Hence we help the small medical centres to efficiently market their services at a fraction of actual cost.

What type of services offered by Medobay Affiliate Network?

Medical Tourism Startup Kit
– Manage your medical centres
– Manage the Cost of Treatments at your Medical Centres
– Free $100 Credit for Medical Leads
– Medical Treatment Packages ( Medical Centres/Treatment Cost)
– Introduction of patients to your medical centres ($500)
– Advertising your medical packages in several niche markets
– Optimising your medical treatment packages for local markets
– 15,000 impression of your packages (on your choice)
*) Billboard
*) Instagram
*) Facebook
*) PR News
– Inclusive of standard and Media packages
– Management consultancy with medical professionals
– Management consultancy with tourism industry professionals
– Management consultancy with IT professionals,
– Providing a strategic report for medical tourism adoption tailored for your local market

At Medobay we believe in equity and human values, hence we are trying to help people to have better access to medical services. Hence we are focusing on key factors such as information flow and transparency. The medical tourism is a not a young industry and the concept been there from the ancient time.

Using the standard package, the medical centres and local health facilitators can help patients with better information and on the other hand we don’t look into commercialising this concept we only interested in smoothing the information flow amongst patients and medical centres and helping them to connect better.

Countires covered by Medobay

We are in the process of selecting and refining medical tourism packages for

Countries planned for 2020 Q1