Tabriz Medical Tourism Hub

Tabriz is a metropolitan city located in the northwest of Iran. It is considered as a significant economic hub as it enjoys from a majority Azerbaijani population who is facilitating trades with the neighbouring countries such as Azerbaijan and Turkey. The city is famous for its carpet and sweet and bakery production. Although Persian/Farsi is the official language, Azeri is the second widely spoken language.

Cost of Treatments in Tabriz

Cost and quality are the main factors for the patients choosing a medical centre. Additionally, we have developed a real-time cost calculator to bring transparency to our customers. The aim is to cut down the middlemen in the process and focus on quality. Once, you are happy with the cost you can do a free medical consultation with our clinics to make sure before planning your journey.
Using the cost calculator, you can choose the city, treatment and the duration of your stay. Then we submit your request to our medical centres as well as our partners for accommodation. Our quote engine will aggregate the results for you and produces an online Quote with a reference ID which is valid for a day. If you chose to go with our quote, you only need to pay a small deposit to reserve your quote and pay the rest at your arrival in the medical centre. The deposit is mainly to secure you an appointment for the selected medical centre and your booking fee for the accommodation. If you chose to cancel it, we happily refund you the deposit if it is within our cancellation policy.