Travel to Dubai, UAE

Travel to Dubai

During the last few years, Dubai has become a popular holiday destination for sunseekers. With a warm climate and desert landscapes, you’re guaranteed a holiday with warm temperatures. For shopaholics, the metropole has large malls or you can visit the highest building in the world.

Best time to visit

Winter months are ideal for a holiday in Dubai, as summers tend to be too hot. November to March is best weather-wise. Since Dubai only has two real seasons: hot and hotter, winter months still guarantee warm temperatures to satisfy sunseekers. As this is peak season, expect many tourists on the beaches.

Visa requirements for Dubai

Traveling to Dubai requires a visa. The type needed depends on your nationality, the reason of visiting and the duration of your stay. Most European countries don’t need to apply for visa in advance and can obtain one on arrival. The same applies for US citizens as well. However, to obtain visa you are required to have a passport valid from date of arrival and valid for at least six months after departure. Visas are valid for 30 days, with the option of an extra ten days. Visas applied for in advance are valid for 90 days.

Safety in Dubai

Dubai is located in the United Arabic Emirates and is therefore often regarded as unsafe. Though this is not true as Dubai is a very safe holiday destination for tourists. However, despite being one of the most westernized cities in the Middle East, it is recommended to take some rules of safety in account. As Dubai is located in a Muslim country with strong conservative beliefs, it’s important to follow the dress code. While it’s no problem to wear shorts and short sleeves in tourist hot spots, it’s strongly advised to cover yourself outside these areas.
Women can travel solo in Dubai, but it’s recommended to stay out of bars or clubs as men will approach as they feel women are fair game.

Dubai on a budget

Dubai is more affordable than most people assume. The district Deira is a popular choice among tourists and is located close to the airport and public transport options (metro). There are several accommodation options in this area, starting from 70 euros for a two person room. Public transport is a cheap option to transport yourself around the city. Day cards are a good option as they only cost around 20 AED (around 5 euros).

Top tourist attractions

Most tourists visit Dubai to spend some relaxing time on the many beaches or enjoying the great pools of their accommodation. However, a visit to the city is a must if you want to endulge yourself into Arabic culture. The Burj Khalifa is the top attraction as it it the highest building in the world. A climb (you can use the elevator) to the top observation deck offers a tremendous view over the city skyline. Another example of record-breaking architecture is the Burj El Arab with its man-made islands in front of the coastline.
The Dubai Mall is a good choice for people who love shopping and wish to avoid the high temperatures in the afternoon. To cool off, spend your days in one of the world-renowned waterparks.