Travel to Istanbul, Turkey


Are you seeking a new adventure and wondering where to go? Then now is the perfect time to prepare an Istanbul Travel plan. Turkey and its capital Istanbul have risen to become one of the top tourist destinations in recent years, and the reasons are not farfetched. There are very few cities that can compete globally for tourists like London, Paris or Hong Kong. Istanbul with its blend of past, present and futurist outlook is sure to excite the senses of all who visit the city.
Istanbul is an ancient city that was first founded by the Greeks but was later occupied by four great empires. The influence of the four empires with different cultures is one of the reasons to make an Istanbul Travel plan. The Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire are one of the most remarkable empires in human history, and they both made Istanbul their homes.  Anyone who visits Istanbul will see a city that is diverse, vibrant and colourful. If there is ever a place on earth where western and eastern culture could exist in perfect harmony, Then Istanbul is that place – a land where you can see a historic landmark next to a skyline. A picture of the past and present in the same frame.

When to Visit Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that borders between Europe and Asia, a city trapped between two continents. Before you make your travel plans, you need to consider some of the following Istanbul travel tips;

Once you arrive in Istanbul, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the city’s sights, culture and people. Not to worry below is an easy Istanbul travel Guide you can follow to help you navigate the city.
  1. Aya Sofya
The Aya Sofya is one of Istanbul’s most beautiful and most famous landmarks; it was built by Justinian the Byzantine Emperor. He claimed that the building as of the time in AD 536 was a testament to his wealth and glory even boasting of surpassing Solomon. The building was converted to a mosque when the Ottoman Empire ruled, and today it is a museum that is worth visiting. This is the perfect place to begin your adventure.
  1. The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque is one of the great architectural wonders of the world. It was built by Sultan Ahmet between the years 1606- 1619 and it is the perfect place to visit as recommended by this Istanbul Travel guide. The mosque is called the blue mosque because of the Iznik tiles that fill the interiors of the structure with beautiful colours hence its name. Another reason a visit to this mosque is a must when in Istanbul is the fact that it is a walking distance from the Aya Sofya. There is a lovely garden you can explore as you take a walk across both architectural buildings.
  1. A cruise across the Bosphorus
Your trip to Istanbul is not complete until you have had a chance to explore the beautiful Bosphorus. Not many cities can boast of world-class cruises like Hong Kong, but any cruise across the Bosphorus is sure to fill your delight. When you go across the Bosphorus, make sure to have a camera with you as the view is breath-taking, and on some days, you can see the dolphins swimming in the clear blue sea.  There are also shops along the shore where you can help yourself to some the local cuisine.
  1. The Cuisine
It is often said that Istanbul is the place where the East meets the West and it is evident in the local cuisine. Scattered across Istanbul are restaurants that feature both eastern and western dishes, and they are mostly filled with tourist. One of such café is the House café where you can have mezze and local Turkish tea (cay). There are other restaurants all over the city with a taste that would suit you.
  1. The Night Life
The nightlife in Istanbul is well known for its well-varied array of entertainment choice. It is a city that doesn’t sleep with clubs like W lounge, Reina, Supperclub and more to keep you entertained.
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What are you waiting for?  Go and get you Istanbul Travel Visa today to explore the city that perfectly blends the charm of the east with the thrill of the west.