Travel to South America

Journey Through South America

When the cravings for the next adventure begins to stir in your heart, you might wonder where you need to go and if the trip would be right for your budget. For years, lovers of adventure have found that touring South America is a great way to satisfy your thirst for adventure without spending a fortune. By following some of the tips listed below, you will be able to travel to South America cheap
South America is a continent that is home to 12 incredible sovereign nations namely; Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela. When it comes to an affordable tourist location, South American is not far behind the South East manor.  Also, the best time to travel to South America is during the summer period of November to February. Adventurers looking to explore South America might as well look forward to their personal Indiana Jones Stories as they get to see the continent’s exotic Forests and Jungles, jaw-dropping landscapes that are great for hiking, ancient civilisations and the best of the several cultures that fill the South American Continent.For budget travel to South Americahere are a couple of suggestions.
Knowing that the Continent is vast, it might be wise to only focus on a single nation by opting for Bolivia which is one of the popular choices for travel South America Packages In Bolivia you can explore the following places;

La Paz Bolivia

La Paz Bolivia is the perfect place to either start or end your tour of Bolivia. It is the city that is recognised as the capital of Bolivia often characterised as the city in the sky or cloud. People who have visited La Paz often say that it is a city that both intrigues and irritates in a way that makes every adventurer proud of their trip.  For those seeking

intrepid travel to South America,

they can visit the Bolivian Andes in La Paz which gives snow enthusiasts a chance to ride one of the most massive skis in the world. Also, if you want to be intrigued by the supernatural, you can take a stroll to the witch market where the Aymaran is practised. Finally, you can conclude your La Paz tour by seeing the Tiwanaku, a UNESCO heritage site and enjoy all the nightlife La Paz has to offer.

Places with Breath-taking Scenery Bolivia

There are quite a few places around Bolivia that are sure to take your breath away with how amazing the scenery is. One such place is the Uyuni Salts flats. The plain which is covered in clear crystal salt is one of the most popular tourist sites across all of South America and best of all is that a jeep tour cost only around $150. The site is mind-blowing, and there is no way you can resist taking a picture, while it might be a tad hot during the day, it gets pretty cold at night. So, it will be wise to bring along proper warm clothing for the trip. For the Amazon lovers, a trip to Rurrenabaque in the northern Bolivian Jungle might prove exciting.
A trip to Rurrenabaque especially if you intend to visit after La Paz makes for a very cheap but yet interesting way to travel South American with a bus tour. The Rurrenabaque is famous for being the heart of the Amazon rainforest. There is a lot of wildlife and locals to meet on this journey.

Deciding destination Spots across South America

The choice of where to go when it comes to touring South America can be quite difficult as each of the sovereign nations has a lot to offer in terms of adventure, scenery, food and culture. However, below is a concise list of countries to visit and things to do for your South America travel itinerary.


Best believe it when you hear that Brazil is the seductive centre of the world. The country is famous for its beaches which are regarded as the best in all of South America; Brazil earns its reputation for seduction owing to its wide array of beautiful beaches, women, and her famous dance called samba.  Brazil is also famous for football having being world champions for a record five times as well as producing some of the world’s biggest stars like Pele, Ronaldo, Neymar and Ronaldinho. Brazil also has an array of stunning buildings and wildlife.

Colombia, Peru and Chile

For those seeking a South America travel adventure, then Colombia, Peru and Chile are some of the best countries to visit as they possess an amazing landscape, incredible wildlife, ancient civilisation and cultures as well as forgotten tribes that reside in the heart of the forest. Visiting any of Peru, Chile or Colombia is sure to make for a memorable visit.


Despite the turmoil that has plagued Argentina, it is still the 8th largest country in the world and home to one of the romantic cities in Bueno Aires. This makes Argentina an affordable option for people who intend to travel to South America alone in the hope of finding love.
As with any Journey, safety is crucial. Therefore tourist should make sure they take a proper medical exam before and after their visit to South America. Other things to watch out for when one decides to travel to South America include theft, kidnappings, corrupt officers, natural disasters amongst others. To travel South America safe, tourists must take their time to research the places they want to visit as well watch the news about events and happenings in the South American country they plan to visit.
South America is also a great destination for those seeking quality and affordable medical procedures. Surgeries which would typically cost a fortune in American or Europe can be done in various South American Countries for far less and by expert and trained medical experts. South America is one of the best destinations for medical tourism as they offer very affordable medical treatments and nothing can compare to the scenery, food, and culture in South America.
So, what are you waiting for? Book your tour to South American today!