Warszawa Medical Tourism Hub in Poland

Medical Tourism in Warsaw, Poland

Over the last decade, Poland has emerged as a top destination for medical tourism. The country attracts not only Europeans but also North Americans who are seeking top-quality healthcare. Since Poland joined the European Union, the country’s healthcare system has undergone a dramatic transformation. The medical system as a whole has been upgraded to meet European standards, and now the country is reputed to be a centre of excellence in many areas of healthcare. Combined with its tourism industry, today Poland is fast becoming one of the top medical tourism spots in Europe.
The healthcare system in Poland is provided through clinics and healthcare institutions that are equipped with state of the art equipment, top-notch diagnostic facilities and skilled surgeons in many specialities. While the state-owned government facilities cater to the citizens, there is a thriving private medical system that provides to the needs of the foreign tourist.
Before any clinic or medical centre can open in Poland, it has to undergo a thorough assessment to ensure that it meets the quality of healthcare delivery. The healthcare staff in private institutions come from both Poland and abroad. All of them are trained healthcare workers with training from top-rated European or American hospitals. Also, the ancillary and allied healthcare staff are selectively chosen to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.
The types of treatments available to medical tourism in Poland include the following:

Cost of Treatments in Warszawa

Medobay works with their counterparts in Warsaw, Poland to ensure that the tourist gets the best healthcare. An initial video conference is done so that the tourist can meet the relevant people, ask questions and get an idea about the pricing. Rather than offer an individual price, in Poland, there is a global fee including the airfare, transport to and from the airport, meals, accommodation, pre and post doctor appointments, lab tests, imaging studies, and post-surgery visits. The inclusive package also includes a tour package, depending on the personal preference of the tourist. Warsaw is served by an international airport that serves not only most cities in Europe but also many cities in Canada and the USA. After the surgery is completed, the tourist may take a train/plane to visit other places in Poland/Europe or fly back home.