Weight Loss Treatments in Iran

5 Most common types of Weight Loss Treatments

When a person is diagnosed with overweight or obesity, the treatment is the loss of this excess weight, the problem of obesity is multifactorial, where the factors that generate it can be poor diet (unhealthy diet based on processed foods) emotional problems, genetic or social. Many times, the solution of these factors is not fast enough so that weight loss can progress favorably.

Ideal procedures for weight loss

  1. Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that involves the removal of adipose tissue through a cannula that is connected to a suction pump.
It is a technique used to attack localized fat areas that are usually difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise, such as abdominal fat or around the thighs. For this, the areas to be treated are previously marked.
It is a safe intervention because it does not require large incisions to treat the affected areas. The fat is dissolved by a mixture of solution and medications to reduce bleeding, sometimes laser and ultrasound treatment can be used.

Liposuction and weight loss

  1. Gastric Balloon

This procedure is done to reduce the volume of the stomach, without making incisions. Through endoscopy a probe containing a balloon is inserted, once inside the gastric cavity, the balloon is inflated with physiological solution, then the stability of the balloon is verified and the procedure is concluded. The gastric balloon can remain up to 6 months, facilitating satiety and favoring less food consumption.
The weight loss varies in each patient, but on average the loss is 2 pounds weekly, it will depend on the quality of the diet. (2)
  1. Gastric band

The gastric band consists of the application of a band around the first portion of the stomach, this divides the stomach into 2 sections reducing the size of the organ, promoting satiety with a lower amount of food than usual. The function of the gastric band is to prevent the expansion of the gastric cavity. It is performed by laparoscopy, the recovery time is similar to that required in other procedures, such as the gastric balloon or liposuction.
  1. Gastric sleeve

The gastric sleeve is one of the most invasive techniques, it is a surgical procedure that removes a portion of the stomach, from 60 to 80% of the total size. After the treatment the functions of the resulting stomach are the same but the satiety and reduction of food intake will be immediate. Recovery time is up to 4 days. The weight loss is greater compared to other procedures such as the band or the gastric balloon.
  1. Gastric bypass

The bypass procedure consists of a surgery where the upper part of the stomach is joined with the duodenum (first portion of the small intestine). The stomach is not eliminated, but food will no longer pass through it.
Gastric bypass is an effective procedure in patients with metabolic disorders because it reduces the response to insulin. It is one of the surgeries in which the patient loses more weight, up to 75% from 12 to 14 months. It is an operation that requires hospitalization and about 3 days of recovery.
The decision of which surgery will be most appropriate for you is a medical criterion that is established based on the conditions and needs, the success of the weight loss procedures will depend fundamentally on changes in diet and lifestyle. (3)